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Rochester, NY's first choice for furniture repair and upholstering

When you need quality craftsmanship to enhance or repair your existing furniture, we are at your service
At Frank's Upholstering in Rochester, NY, we aim to be your one-stop furniture repair store. We strive to provide you with a complete furniture solution, with free estimates about the cost of repairs. We will work hard to match the caning or rushing on your chair, but we are also happy to recommend new materials to match your interior design and styling if you want to give new life to your old sofa. Whatever service you require, we follow the highest standards of customer service in order to make upholstery and furniture repair an easy solution for you.


Here at Frank's Upholstering of Rochester, we aim to make the process of having your furniture repaired or upholstered as simple as possible. We will pick up your home or office furniture at a time that works for you. And of course we'll arrange for a convenient delivery back to you. We’re all about making your life simpler. Let us know what we can do to be your number one furniture repair store!

Selection of materials

Whether you need foam rubber for your sofa or want to match the pattern on your boat's seats, our store has a wide range of materials, so you're guaranteed to find exactly what you want. Or if you're looking for a change for your couch or chairs, our experienced staff is on hand to help you select just the right style of fabric for you and your home or office.

Appreciation of fine furniture

Working on furniture repair for years means that our team in Rochester has come to appreciate how wonderful it is to restore older pieces. We have provided our craftsmanship for all types of furniture, from modern sofas to fine antiques. Whether you have a true antique in need of custom refinishing or just a well-loved chair that needs a little help to look its best, you can rest assured that the team at our store will breathe new life into your existing furniture.
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